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of consumer product safety testing.

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Answers to FAQ about Quality Assurance:

1. Can you help us created a documented Quality Assurance System?

CPTS will assist you in creating a quality assurance system to make sure that your products comply with the most stringent quality standards and market specific regulatory requirements. We will make sure you follow a Reasonable Testing Program and have proper checks and balances to help you commit to high standards of compliance processes that ensure safe and compliant product.

2. Is your Quality Assurance system certified?

Yes, we only use 3rd party accredited labs and standards.

3. What is the reference standard?

Reference standards are country specific and product is tested to meet all applicable marketplace requirements.

4. Who is the certifying organization?  

Our network of global labs is certified: Example of certifications:   EUR, REACH, CE, ECC, GS Mark, Ü mark, ISO, IEC, SCC, AATCC,  IABFLO, AENOR, DAkkS, HOKLAS, CPSC, NSAI, TISI, UKAS….etc.